Infant and toddler program

Infants and toddlers also have a home here at Thinker Garden! Our infant and toddler program is a play-based program that enables infants and toddlers to learn in a way that makes sense to them! Each day we provide opportunities for sensory exploration, wiggle (dance) time, creative expression through art, circle time, and much more! The school day for our infants and toddlers is packed with opportunities to learn, explore, try new things, and socialize with their peers!

One unique part of our school is that we allow our toddlers to spend time with our older students. At different points in the day we combine classes and allow the toddlers to watch, play with, and learn from their preschool friends! This creates a sort of "mentorship" that is mutually beneficial. Our preschoolers are able to feel responsible and get to see the magic of teaching, and our little ones are able to learn from their mentors. You will often see the two classes sharing, playing together, and eating meals together like a family should.

Our infant/toddler classroom has everything your child needs to have an amazing early childhood education. From developmentally appropriate activities to our emphasis on Reggio Emilia curriculum we are certain that your baby/toddler will be right at home here with us. Reggio Emilia desires to make the classroom like a "second home" for our students, and this often helps during the transition process. This "homey" feeling can be found throughout the school, but especially in our toddler room.



Thinker Garden learning center has a wonderful preschool program for children between the ages of three and five. Our committed teachers work closely with each child to ensure that your child is prepared when it comes time for kindergarten. With our preschool aged children we blend the Regio Emilia approach with a more traditional style of teaching. We believe that this allows the children to harness the best of both teaching philosophies. This program is designed to make the transition to elementary school effortless and fun for all of our students. 

In this program we teach the essential building blocks that create the strong foundation that these children will need to be successful in school and beyond. We teach manners throughout the day as well as at each meal by modeling proper behavior and etiquette. We have circle time daily where we go over numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, the months and seasons, and the Pledge of Allegiance for both the USA and Texas flags. As the day progresses we teach math basics like number identification, addition, and subtraction in a fun and interactive way that meets your child's developmental needs. 

We foster a love for reading in our students by allowing them to choose books that interest them. We take frequent trips to the local library and allow our students to explore all the possibilities that books can open up for them. We practice letter identification and writing skills in a variety of ways that embrace children's creativity and allows them the freedom to explore. We teach phonics, writing, and other key language skills that our students will need to know before they start kindergarten. 

Science is something we value here at Thinker Garden, and we strive to help our students see how there is science all around them. We spend as much time outside as weather will allow. We do everything outside from planting vegetables to painting and playing with chalk. We may come back messy, but that is the best sign that learning has been taking place!

Along with our time outside we teach our students yoga and provide them with "wiggle time" this encourages their gross motor skills while at the same time allowing them to decompress and just be themselves. We practice our fine motor skills through various challenges throughout the day. Cutting with scissors, holding a pencil, and showing numbers with our fingers are all good examples of ways that your child will work on while they are with us!

The most important thing to know about our preschool program is that we truly love our students and treat them as if they were our own. We meet them where they are and work hard to help foster a high self-esteem in them. Our students are what makes our school so special, and I can assure you that each day your preschooler spends with us will be a positive one!


Before/after school program

Here at Thinker Garden we have an exceptional before/after school program! Not only will we ensure that your child has a blast while in our care, but we will also provide transportation to/from your child's school! We are currently servicing Matzke Elementary, Millsap Elementary, Emmott Elementary, Adams Elementary, Danish Elementary, Bang Elementary, Hamilton Elementary, Francone Elementary, Moore Elementary, and Bleyl Middle School, but are always looking to add to that list! We can meet your needs by watching your children before school and making sure they have a healthy breakfast, taking them to school each morning and ensuring they arrive on time, and picking them up in the afternoons (or mid-day if your child is enrolled in a half-day preschool program with CFISD). Rather than send your child on a crowded school bus with about fifty children on it they can ride in our small private school bus with no more than ten other children on the bus. Our bus is fitted with the latest safety equipment that will keep your child safe, and our driver works hard to get your child to their destination in a timely manner. 

Once your child arrives at our school after their elementary or middle school program we continue their education by extending their curriculum into the afternoon. Our teachers are amazing tutors and willing to help with any subject your child may be having difficulty with. 


Summer Program

Our Summer Program is jam-packed with fun and adventure that is sure to both entertain and educate your child while they are out of school for the Summer months. During the Summer we plan many fieldtrips to places like the local fire station, the oil ranch, local museums, fun parks, the dentist's office, and so much more! All of our field trips are made fun and exciting for your child, but also provide them with the chance to learn something new!

During the Summer we beat the Texas heat by having frequent splash days! These are days where we will pull out the sprinkler, water balloons, kid-sized pools, and more in order to allow your child to be silly and enjoy active time outside. We have frequent parties throughout the season to celebrate the various holidays, and they are always a hit! You can work peacefully knowing that your child is with us having fun!



Our school utilizes beautiful uniforms for our children. Starting at age 1 students are expected to wear their uniforms to school each day. Our uniforms follow the "French toast" theme, so our students have a choice of wearing a white, forest green, or navy blue polo with the Thinker Garden logo embroidered on it. Girls have the option to wear khaki or navy colored pants, shorts (of appropriate length), squirts, or overall-dresses. Boys may wear navy or khaki pants or shorts.

We use uniforms because we feel that it creates an even playing field for all of our students. Our school has a very diverse population with all different races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses, and in order to make sure that our children are focused on having fun and learning and not comparing themselves with others. What makes a person special is not what they are wearing, but who they are as a person. We show our students this through our uniforms. They are not worried about who has new shoes and who has a cooler shirt. Instead they are looking at how they are treated and  how their friends have so much to offer beyond what they are wearing.

Not sure where to find your uniforms?

As a parent you have the option of either ordering the uniform from us directly, or you can buy the polos and bottoms separately and we will get them embroidered with the school logo on them.