Our school is located just before the entrance to the Millridge Estates neighborhood off of Jones Rd. 

If you take Jones Rd. to Millridge N. Dr. and take a right our school will be a few blocks down and on the right! Our address is  10711 Millridge N. Dr. Houston, TX 77070

If using navigation we suggest using Apple Maps or Waze, as Google Maps will not direct you to the correct location.

"The Park"


Here at Thinker Garden we have three large playgrounds that we utilize throughout the day. The first is our largest playground that is often referred to as "the park" because of its size. It features a full sized jungle gym, a child-sized basketball court, four square, hop scotch, and even a bounce house! Other amenities include a sandbox, water table, and dramatic play area. 

Toddler playground & our garden


We have an entire playground dedicated to our infants and toddlers! In this playground you will find a toddler-sized jungle gym, featuring toddler-sized picnic tables, and an area for toddlers to play with balls, cars, and a water table!

Our last playground is referred to as the "garden yard". It is located on the opposite side of our school from the park and has lots of grass, tables for snack or lunch outside, a concrete area perfect for chalk, and a splash pad!

Infant/toddler classroom


Our infant and toddler classroom is a safe haven for our little ones. We work hard to make sure that this classroom feels like home to our students. This is important in Reggio Emilia curriculum as it helps ease the transition from home to school. 

The classroom features soothing décor, a plush reading area, railroad tracks, toddler-sized table, and much more! There are plenty of toys to keep any child content while they learn through playing. The classroom also has a changing table, mini-fridge, and cribs and cots to suit our students' needs.

Pre-K classroom


We have a wide variety of classrooms to suit the needs of our students, and our students rotate throughout the classrooms on an as-needed basis! All of our classrooms have tables and chairs designed to fit our preschoolers, reading areas, science and exploration areas, dramatic play areas, and much more! We also have two class pets in our classroom that our children are responsible for taking care of. They make sure they have water, food, and hay each day!

Safety features


Here at Thinker Garden safety is our top priority! Our school is armed with a magnetic locking system with two separate pin codes that separate our classrooms from the outside. Only our parents and our teachers know the code to ensure the upmost amount of safety for your child.

We have cameras and microphones in each of the classrooms as well as outside and in the lobby. We monitor them closely in the office. 

Each of our teachers and administrators carry a walkie-talkie with them everywhere they go in the school, and are able to contact each other immediately in the case of an emergency.

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